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As a trauma-informed Integrative Nutrition, Holistic Health Coach & Ayurvedic Nutrition & Yoga Therapy Coach,  I'm here to be your supportive guide, accountability partner and mentor empowering you back to harmony and balance with your most authentic vibrant Self.  Our health is our greatest wealth, without it, we can't show up in the world as we'd like to, for ourselves or others.   

I'll help you identify areas where you may be out of balance, and support you with simple sustainable wellness tools, practices, and lifestyle changes that can realign you with you own unique version of optimal health and happiness. 


We'll explore physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects to co-create a bespoke plan for powerful

transformation and growth

Julie Preston Holistic Health Coach Ayurvedic Yoga Therapist Integrative Nutrition Coach Senior Yoga Teacher
Can you relate to any of the following?
  • An ongoing sense of stress, anxiety & overwhelm?​

  • Fatigue, exhaustion or burnout?  

  • Poor sleep quality? 

  • Lack of joy or feeling unfulfilled & unsatisfied, no matter what you do?  

  • Struggle with self worth & confidence?  

  • Feeling unsure about your direction in life? 

  • Digestive issues? 

  • You know what to do to get healthier but find it hard to stick with new habits? 

  • Stuck in procrastination or perfectionism habits?

  • Always prioritizing work & others before yourself? 

  • Challenging menopause symptoms?


Are you ready for holistic coaching? Coaching is a co-creative collaboration based on trust and support.  I'll hold a safe space for you to explore your thoughts, feelings and challenges.  I'll ask powerful questions so you can tap into your innate wisdom.  Based on listening, I'll offer guidance, holistic practices, nutrition and lifestyle habits for you to experiment with so you can find a unique long-term plan for your highest wellbeing



Coaching IS NOT for you if you want a quick fix! Or if you're not open and willing to learn, make changes and invest time and energy in nourishing your whole self. I know change is challenging, and as your coach, I'll be your accountability partner and cheerleader to keep you on track and help identify potential self sabotage triggers.  But ultimately, the biggest transformation comes from YOU and your willingness to show up for yourself at this time in your life.   

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Coaching Services

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