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yoga meditation kirtan holistic health coaching for stress relief to ease anxiety and overwhelm feel calm and balanced


  • Elevate joy & vitality

  • Ease stress, anxiety & overwhelm

  • Feel balanced, calm & connected


empower midlife women with menopause support through yoga meditation kirtan holistic health coaching private yoga kirtan workshops and retreats to ease anxiety and overwhelm improved sleep feel calmer and more balanced

A Warm Welcome

The journey to your True Self isn't about becoming anything.  It's about un-becoming everything that isn't really you.  It's a homecoming, an awakening to the innate love, joy, peace and stillness at the very core of your being.  The journey teaches us compassion towards all the parts of ourselves, the courage to be authentic and the lightness that comes through embracing and befriending our shadows.  You're a Soul to get to know, not a body or mind to fix. 

At I share ancient wisdom practices for modern life.  Welcoming you just as you are, in safe nurturing spaces to explore yoga, meditation, breathwork, kirtan chanting, trauma-informed coaching, holistic health coaching & ayurvedic yoga therapy.  

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